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about us

Cher was an interaction designer in digital media before she fell in love with the art of making clothings.  She initially started making clothes for her own baby boy, Christopher, but after a couple of months her friends and other moms started asking to buy her creations.  She then decided to launch her own brand, très cher.
Each and every piece of her design reflects her philosophy of the affectionate relationship and memorable interaction between her creations and her little clients.
Her goal is to create special highlights for your kid's little closet.  Inspired by pure and natural beauties in our children, she pays great attention to the details: the color, the stitching, and most importantly, the way each garment feels on your baby's soft yet sensitive skin.
She sketches designs, handpicks fine fabrics from all over the world, and then sew the piece together with great love and care, all in our studio in the West Village, NYC.